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Corruption (2005)

Corruption Corruption From the back cover:

A rich debut collection from a promising new poet-selected by Campbell McGrath as a winner of the 2004 National Poetry Series Open Competition.

"Rapturously lyrical and whip smart, Camille Norton does not choose between a poetry of sensual detail and a poetry of intellectual rigor, she marries the two…Beautifully crafted, deeply reflective, Corruption is a marvelous and uncompromising book.” -Campbell McGrath


Best American Poetry (2010)

Best American Poetry 2010 From the back cover:

Amy Gerstler’s commitment to innovative poetry that conveys meaning, feeling, wit, and humor informs the cross section of poems in the 2010 edition of The Best American Poetry. Featuring top bards and a constellation of rising stars, the book also presents poems that poignantly capture the current moment, such as the sonnets John Updike wrote to chronicle his dying weeks. The Anthology’s mainstays are in place: It opens with series editor David Lehman’s incisive foreword about the state of American poetry and has a marvelous introduction by Amy Gerstler. Notes from the poets, illuminating their poems, conclude this delightful addition to a classic series.

Resurgent: New Writing by Women (1992)

Resurgent From the back cover:

Imaginative, cross-cultural, and intellectually forceful, Resurgent stresses the diversity within postmodern expression. The contributors share a language-oriented and non-narrative (or disruptively narrative) perspective, dismantling conventional notions of genre and collapsing the distinctions between fictional and poetic subjects. In bringing together work from small presses, feminist presses, and the world of language theory, the book raises important questions about the relationship of writing to literary theory and to feminism.