Collaborative Work

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Camille and Nancy Lineage LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive is a project E.G. Crichton developed as the Historical Society’s first artist-in-residence. One by one she matched the archives of the dead to living individuals, asking each to invent a response. Crichton writes: “The resulting encounter resembles a blind date: I think about chemistry, about demographics and mutual interests, about what might emerge from the vault.”  I read through the archive of writer Nancy Stockwell, whose papers are part of the Hormel Collection at the San Francisco Public Library. In the image to the right, E.G. Crichton photographed me next to an image of Nancy taken in the 1970’s. For my project, I wrote the poem, “Breath,” which is displayed on the wall.

Oli's Dream: Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and Camille Norton

Composer Jaroslaw Kapuscinski asked me to work with him on the concept for a composition in which a piano dreams that it is a typewriter. I wrote the text for his multimedia performance, "Oli's Dream." To view part of the visual projection of the piece, and to see its performance history, go to: You may also click on the video to the left to view the excerpt here.



sue_johnson sue johnson Sue Johnson and The Alternative Encyclopedia

Artist Sue Johnson commissioned me to write five poems in response to a series of images to be included in her 2004 solo exhibit, “The Alternate Encyclopedia,” at the Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota Duluth. The poems appeared in the exhibit and in the exhibit catalogue. I included them in my book, Corruption, as the series “Wild Animals I Have Known.” Sue Johnson and the Tweed Museum permitted me to use the image of Johnson painting, “Self-Portrait as an artist-naturalist, Loplop’s Sister (after Max Ernst)” for the cover of Corruption.

To see Sue Johnson’s work and the Alternative Encyclopedia Project go to: